We’re growing the software development team at Edrolo. It’s a rare opportunity to join a stable, skilled, and productive team at a company that’s doing something important — improving the lives of secondary students and teachers.

We’re searching for 2 Software Engineers.

About Edrolo

We create learning resources that are used in Australian high schools. Our latest products are textbooks (yes, actual physical textbooks) that are tightly coupled with our online resources (video lessons, interactive questions and answers, etc.).

In our seven-year journey we’ve built a customer base of over 800 schools, hired dozens of passionate educators and technologists, and raised money from Australia’s top venture capital firms. Hundreds of thousands of Australian students have viewed over 180 million Edrolo videos, and responded to over 72 million Edrolo practice questions.

Our headquarters, and about 100 staff, are based in Fitzroy, right between Smith and Brunswick streets.

Our team

Our technical and product design team consists of 5 people at the moment, and is small compared to the rest of the organisation. This is made possible because our team is very autonomous and in-control of how we build things. Collaborative decision-making, an emphasis on peer review, and a general principle of "leaving things in a better state than when you found them" is what keeps things sane.

Our process & technology

Our web application is built with Postgres, Django/Python, and React/JS. Just about everything lives on AWS, and CI, testing, and deployments are managed with CD via Buildkite.

We run weekly sprints, moving tasks across a physical Kanban wall.

We deploy to production roughly 5-15 times a week, depending on what's going on.

We're very light on meetings, but big on conversation and collaboration.

What we look for in a developer

  • At least 2-3 years experience building modern web apps. You're very well-versed in modern web development tools.
  • A computer science degree is not a requirement, but you need to be able to have (and enjoy) conversations that require programming fundamentals.
  • You're not dogmatic or selective about programming languages, approaches, or tooling. You're currently very confident in either Python or JavaScript, and willing to go deeper with the other.
  • You reflect on your work, can set your own goals, and communicate your progress
  • You enjoy reviewing others’ work, providing encouragement, and constructive feedback
  • You appreciate when others review your work, even if they suggest or propose changes
  • You enjoy taking on a task that you may not know how to do: because there is still information to be sought out, or because it's not something you've not done before

The good things about working in our team

  • We're a tight team with tonnes of mutual respect and a great culture
  • Work is steady and our processes protect us very well from deadline-based stress. 40 hours is the norm, and it rarely changes
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Working in the education industry is rewarding and impactful
  • Our goals, our work, and our product is entirely focussed on helping teachers and students - rather than things like online marketing. You’re building product, and solving real problems every day. You're not reacting to the whims of marketing/sales/growth departments.
  • You'll be surrounded by a diverse and passionate workforce
  • Competitive salary with the opportunity for equity
  • Working in Fitzroy/Collingwood
  • We'll supply great hardware
  • A generous annual training and learning budget

Things you should know (and that might not be for everyone)

  • We're a small team, and do a lot of heavy lifting considering our weight
  • We reward great work, and long-term service, but we don't focus on job titles
  • There’s a strong focus on always improving here. May not be enjoyable if you struggle with self-reflection, talking about yourself, and your own work
  • High expectations with limited resources. We’re trying to change an industry in a sustainable manner.
  • Growing pains. There’s lots of things about growing a business that we’re still learning. If you’re interested in working on these sorts of problems you’ll love it.
  • You’re expected to independently solve problems, not implement solutions handed to you. But, if there’s people/contacts, books, resources, training, events, that will help you’ll be fully supported.

While we appreciate all applications, being a small business means we cannot get back to all applicants, so only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.