About the role

The Head of People Operations at Edrolo is responsible for supporting Edrollers in their day-to-day working lives and helping maximise the potential of what we can achieve together. We’re a growing company with—at this stage—a single person People Ops team (we intend on growing this). We’re highly ambitious for the impact of our educational products and have a compelling growth path in front of us. We’re now on the lookout for a well-rounded People Ops pro to join the team and help us level up in the space.

This includes

  • Owning and improving the employee experience through improving processes and systems we have for supporting Edrollers through the entirety of their employment lifecycle, including recruitment, professional development, and performance management
  • Helping find and place great future Edrollers
  • Developing and maintaining people related systems that grow as we do
  • Acting as a trusted human resources business partner for leaders and a trusted point of contact for all Edrollers
  • Helping Edrolo’s staff and leaders to nurture the relationships we have with one another and our work
  • Acting as a leader in encapsulating, instilling and nurturing our company culture, leading by example
  • Helping our people grow to become their best professional selves
  • Helping establish and grow the Edrolo People Operations function

Here’s some of the work you might have worked on in the last few months

  • Supporting Edrollers through the difficulty of lockdowns
  • Assisted with the recruitment and onboarding of new Edrollers across multiple functions, including critical domain leadership roles
  • Overhauling our EVP and thinking about how we can improve and systematise great onboarding
  • Developing and updating policies to ensure Edrolo remains a great way to work
  • Engaging with our founders and senior managers to unpack how we can lift our employee engagement scores (and then going about doing so)
  • Developing and piloting initiatives to increase learning and improve engagement, for example, exploring cross-team working groups and book clubs
  • Ensuring the process of finishing up with us is positive and mutually beneficial for all involved
  • Led hiring for the expansion of our People Operations team...
  • In addition to the critically important – but somewhat less glamorous – work of assisting team members with a variety of queries including visas and sponsorship, processing monthly payroll reporting, ensuring compliance with people-related issues and everything else involved in keeping people operations running smoothly

About you

Finding great team members who can act as multipliers is mission critical to us. We look for people who care for each other, who are intellectually curious and display intellectual humility, who love new ideas and figuring out tough problems, who crave receiving feedback and give it to others as a precious gift, who appreciate our culture and ways of doing things and seek to enhance these, people who take responsibility, and who are mission-aligned.

We believe in casting a wide net to find the best possible team members. The below describes who might be the ideal candidate. As a company we believe values alignment is more important than experience (but this doesn’t mean experience isn’t important!). If your values align with ours and the role sounds exciting, get in touch – we would love to hear from you.

Does the following sound like you?

  • You’re a true believer in the mission. Improving education is important to you and you understand the power that improving education can have on people individually, their communities, and the wider world.
  • You’re intellectually curious and have a deep interest in the spaces that we operate in (both people operations and edtech more broadly). You can tell us about your favourite speakers, books, podcasts, and ideas and engage with us in discussions about these. You’re non-dogmatic and don’t hold shibboleths.
  • You understand what working in an edtech startup with high growth ambitions means. You embrace the uncertainty and opportunities inherent in growth.
  • You’re willing to embrace our culture and work within it to amplify the impact of all Edrollers.
  • You’re not afraid of getting your hands dirty getting into the weeds – we’re a growing team and need everyone to pitch in.
  • You have strong planning, prioritisation, and organisational skills, and embrace a flexible and changing plan to focus on the next most important thing.
  • You’re familiar with the awards, legislation, policies, and procedures that growing organisations need to work with.
  • You’re tech savvy: you can drive a spreadsheet and understand the value of collecting and interpreting data to inform decision making.
  • You hold a degree qualification in a relevant field and have a least four years experience in a similar role*.

*if you don’t have all these things, but do have the characteristics we’re looking for we would encourage you to still apply.

About the offer

We’re looking forward to a great new Edroller joining our team and want to empower them to achieve great things with us. In return we’re offering the opportunity to

  • Take ownership of People Operations at Edrolo
  • Work directly with senior management and founding team
  • Work with a highly mission-oriented team building highly impactful products that improve education
  • A competitive salary

Next steps

We believe both in casting a wide net to find great potential applicants, and in having a transparent recruitment process. Here’s the steps you can expect to work through

  • If you’re not ready to apply just yet, but instead want to have a chat about the position, please simply hit 'apply' and in the 'questions' section include a short introduction to yourself, any questions you have, and your contact details. There is no need to attach a CV at this stage or to answer any other questions. We'll then be in touch to have a chat.
  • Once you’re ready to apply – go for it with the confidence that we’ll be in touch to let you know the outcome of your application.
  • We organise a quick follow up phone call with about 50% of applicants to quickly introduce ourselves and discuss your application.
  • We then invite about 50% of these applicants to an interview – we’re hopeful this can be in person but it may need to be remote. At this stage we’re seeking to establish values alignment with Edrolo and understand how your experience and career path align with the role.
  • As a final stage we invite a very small number of applicants to run through a workshop and follow up interview with us over the course of a few hours. The purpose is that you get to see how we work, and we get to see how you work to assess how your skills translate in practice.
  • We then make an offer to the successful candidate.

We commit to letting you know if you’ve made it through each stage or not (no ghosting), and providing feedback (where desired) to candidates from the interview stage onwards. We want this to be a positive and open experience and look forward to working through it with you :)